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Preclinical CRO | Preclinical Development Services from Concept to - Toxikon is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to collaborating with biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device researchers to deliver exceptional drug research and development services from concept to final product.

  • http://www.toxikon.com/info/contact.cfm Toxikon | Drug Research and Development | Preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) - Toxikon is a well-known global contract research company partnering with biotech, pharma and medical device researchers in clinical trials, research and development programs, and product development. For more company information, visit our website!
  • http://www.toxikon.com/quality-regulatory/regulatory-faqs.cfm Toxikon | Drug Research and Development | Preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) - Contract Research Company, Global Contract Research Company, Clinical Trials Research, Clinical Contract Research Organization, Clinical Research Organization
  • http://www.toxikon.com/services/index.cfm Preclinical Research and Development Services for Biotech, Pharm, Medical Device Industries | Preclinical Trial and Testing Solutions - Toxikon is a contract research organization providing preclinical research and development services for pharma, biotech and medical device sectors. Our preclinical trial and testing solutions include toxicology, pharmacokinetics, bioanalytical, and microbiology/virology.
  • http://www.toxikon.com/services/devices.cfm Preclinical Medical Device and Combination Product Development | Medical Device / Product Biocompatibility Testing Services - Toxikon is a well-known medical device contract manufacturing company proudly meeting the challenges of medical device and product development, product biocompatibility testing, reproductive and developmental toxicology testing
  • http://www.toxikon.com/services/pharma.cfm Preclinical Drug Development | IND/NDA Enabling | PK/TK/ADME | Bioanalysis | Toxicology | Pathology | Pharma Product Development Services - Toxikon is your preclinical pharma research and development partner meeting all pharmaceutical product development requirements from efficacy, safety to analytical studies using a systematic approach. Learn about Toxikon’s preclinical pharma services at toxikon.com!
  • http://www.toxikon.com/services/biotech.cfm Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Product Development | Biologics Process Development - Toxikon is your partner in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical product development offering preclinical biotech testing services, capabilities and facilities for biologics and biotech product / process development. Learn about our preclinical biotech services at toxikon.com!
  • http://www.toxikon.com/services/specialty.cfm Custom Drug Discovery and Medical Device Development Services | Drug and Device Discovery Research and Development Services - Toxikon provides custom research services in support of drug and device discovery research and development for biotech, pharma and medical device sector. Learn about our drug discovery research and development services on our website!
  • http://www.toxikon.com/services/consulting.cfm ToxSMART - The Technical Consulting Group provides resources dedicated to developing solutions that advance your product innovation. Our network of scientists, engineers, and regulatory experts will collaborate with you to maximize efficiency, reduce risk, and accelerate your time to market.
  • http://www.toxikon.com/resources/index.cfm Preclinical In Vivo Services | Toxicology In Vivo Models for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Development - Toxikon provides in vivo research and testing services to determine the safety and biocompatibility of the medical devices in a biological environment. Our in vivo services include toxicity testing, in vivo micronucleus tests, reproductive and developmental toxicology.

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  • Mogulmeister - BEWARE....Sage50 software is Hostageware

    Through various companies I have been involved with, I have been a continuous user of Peachtree/Sage software since 1997 (almost 20 years). While the underlying software is good enough, what's happened since Sage took control is that they have taken away your ability to maintain the software's tax tables by yourself, let alone use the payroll function unhindered. The software now will only get updated through its maintenance agreement, which is INCREDIBLY expensive and is not included in the purchase price of the software itself. If you don't pay the annual maintenance cost, the software quickly becomes useless both because you can't update the payroll tax tables, and also because the payroll function stops working without the current year's maintenance agreement. Sage has crossed a line with exerting this level of control over how the software is used by customers unless they pay up--and pay up dearly!

  • Daniel I. Neukom - Autocourse 2014-2015 impresses again

    Great book, as usual. The essays on Ferrari's woes, Mercedes's design, and the Nico-Lewis rivalry were fascinating and detailed. More statistics by David Hayhoe would have made it 5 stars. Also disappointed the results of the Nov. WEC race were not included. Otherwise, top-notch effort.

  • terster - Much better than previous versions

    We absolutely hated what Microsoft did with office 2007. The learning curve was so high and even today... still hate it. Then Office 2010 came out and it was a step in the right direction but again, still hard to find things. Whomever their experts are that says that the RIBBONS are awesome... must have been power users and not the average person. Now we have Office 2013 and Office 365 which are basically the same thing, minor differences.

  • Rebecca Meyers - My kids loved it!

    My kids loved it! Since it was so expensive my two children shared and each alternated days. I was going to get another one with Jesus story for each day that way one could open something each day but they were out of stock...instead I read the nativity story to them for each day...this way we had story time, they learned the true meaning of Christmas AND they received a small gift every other day :)

  • Amazon Customer - I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I ...

    I have ordered both this product as well as the fat burner, I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I am 8 weeks out of an eating disorder facility, I have and know a distributor that I help to get some money in her pocket as she is young and needs money for college. I try to tell people that they need a strong moral or ethical character to distribute these type of things or have the background to help guide those who may be heading into the direction that I did. Knowing how unhealthy it may be to try these, and reading review after review, my urge to try is high and can not control the compulsive thoughts of at least testing the waters. If any distributors are reading this please understand that you may be contributing to, or feeding an eating disorder /addiction. I shall write more if this product fails me, or maintains me. God bless everyone on there journey towards a lifestyle change

  • Monica S. - No more struggling for a temperature!

    This is a must have for parents! Those of us with kids no just how difficult it can be to take a child's temperature. Taking a rectal temperature is literally a pain in the butt, and sometimes kids just do not keep still to take an oral temperature. With this forehead and ear thermometer, none of that is an issue. With in literal seconds, you have an accurate temperature. That is a big plus when dealing with a little who has a fluctuating temperature! The dock for the thermometer is very convenient because you do not have to worry about any parts touching potentially germy surfaces. I love that you have the option of forehead or ear in one device instead of having to keep track of two thermometers. The display screen is easily readable and bright. No issues having to decipher numbers or hold the thermometer to light to read it. Overall this is a great thermometer that I would highly recommend being added to a registry for gifting!

  • Juan Ferreira - I'm pleasently suprised.

    Bought the Hairmax Laser Comb about 6 weeks ago and people are starting to notice a difference in my hair already.Looks fuller and I can see little hairs growing on my temple its crazy didn't think this was going to work can't wait til 2-3 months down the road.I will post another review then. (AUG 22 update) let me tell you that my results from using the laser comb have been great my hair looks great alot of people are noticing now this has been one of the best purchases i've made in years wow can't believe it. Will post another update in Nov. i am now taking propecia also to get even better results.If you want to get your hair back buy this product.