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  • Karen - Enjoyable

    The story kept me interested throughout. I liked the main characters, and I would like to know some of the secondary characters better, the two cops, Ray and Mason, and Jack's old partner Alex, in particular. I learned just enough to make me want to know more - hopefully in subsequent novels.

  • GoodiesbyLexi - Healthy feeling skin

    My daughter used this product for two weeks, twice a day. It did an awesome job. Her skin was free of acne within three days of using this product. One other thing that she really liked was that her skin felt soft, clean and healthy. The part i enjoyed was it set a skin routine for her that she still follows now.

  • Once a debutante, always a debutante - Excellent Value for Non Professionals

    I have been extremely happy with this set of knives, and for only $40 I believe them to be an excellent value. The blades are sharp and well constructed, and the handles are comfortable and seem durable. The set only comes with two long knives, so you may find yourself washing them while cooking, but we like to use the steak knives for chopping smaller vegetables or trimming meat and have thus rarely found that we are short on knives while cooking. If you're looking to do professional work, these knives probably won't fit your needs, but for an average cook, we use them a lot and haven't found anything they can't handle. Plus, you are getting the set for about $3 per knife, and these knives would run at least $10 to $15 each if purchased individually or at a local retailer.

  • Enfante - Absolutely Fantastic!

    I am what my friends call a flashlight GEEK! My wife insists im afraid of the dark, but i just like really strong flashlights, like to have the brightest one of the people around me. i just purchased this light for a weekend hunt in the Florida Everglades, a place that is super dark and has no option to charge a battery. this is the best handheld torch i have ever owned. it is lightweight, barely noticeable in the pocket and eats up the darkness. the first night i dropped it in a small shallow canal, it landed with the light facing up and lite up the water like an alien ship. i couldn't leave it there, so i had my friends keep a watch for gators and dove in to get it. it never got a drop of water in it and it was close to 6 feet deep. the 11lm feature is awesome for in the tent as to not destroy your night vision. the med and high settings are great for most tasks, leaving lots of battery power in reserve. this is without a doubt one of the best constructed flashlights i have ever purchased, definitely worth the money. i also own a Fenix TK35 and a TK 75, using both of them for search and rescue here in Fort Lauderdale. you cannot go wrong with Fenix!!!

  • Tomorrowtoday - Love this product!

    Love this product. Use it daily on my Lab/Beagle mix with summer allergies. Soothing immediate relief.

  • Misha - What a story!

    Punk 57 was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and wow, did Penelope Douglas deliver! I was intrigued by the synopsis, but it honestly barely scratches the surface on this fantastic story. Ryen and Misha were both very well developed. I love characters who feel and act real. Each was flawed in different ways, and yet it wasn't difficult to root for them. The angst was delicious, and the chemistry between Ryen and Misha was electric. The message of the story was on point. Douglas is such a talented storyteller. She swept me right into Ryen and Misha's world, and I loved every minute.

  • stylist@20 - great

    This being ma first airbrush machine I was a bit scared in getting this seeing that its so cheap compared to the others I saw for a lot a big bucks lol......but being a boy on a budget I got it and I must say I ddont regret it @ all.... It included the compressor, the stencils which consisted on 20 stencil sheets one thing I hated about the stencils is that the designs were repetitive other wise from that awesum!!...I also got 12 paints 2 fl onz each also 2 airbrush cleaners and 2 thining reducers all the same size 2 fl onz, great colors but a lil bit watery, I received 2 how to airbrush books didn't tell u a lot and also the compresser manual which shows nothing either...I also got the hose which is pretty long and let's not forget the airbrush..which is model G26...guys just get it its woth it ill even upload a pic of the items