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Oral Surgery Durham NC, Mebane, NC Oral Surgery - Durham NC Oral Surgeon Dr. Reebye offers oral surgery services including dental implants. (919) 806-2912

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  • Amazon Customer - Good price, and it does a good job of ...

    I passed my HESI entrance exam with a 94 on the first try after using this book and looking up free practice questions online. Good price, and it does a good job of covering the material that will be on the test. I would have rated this 5 stars, but there were a couple of confusing typos in the book, but I was able to gather what the authors meant anyway so it wasn't that big of an issue for me.

  • Even - Nice to know his true motives; and scary

    I'm glad I did not see this years ago when it first came out; it would have made me even more upset seeing things unfold, knowing that this has been his true purpose from the beginning. Those purposes are anti-American and I don't know why the majority of our country continues to tolerate and support this agenda.

  • Sarah - One word.....Amazing!

    I've suffered from acne since I was 12. I'm 31 now. I've been to the Drs and nothing they ever gave me worked so I figured I was just doomed to have acne the rest of my life. Then my boyfriend got roped into buying these products at the mall. I used the salt scrub first and it was awesome so I tried the facial peeling next. Initially I wasn't impressed. There wasn't much to the product and I didn't "feel" it working but by the next day it looked like my acne was clearing up. I didn't get too excited bc occassionally my skin likes to play tricks on me but I've been using the product once a week for 5 weeks now and my skin is finally clear and the tone, texture, and scarring have improved dramatically! An added bonus is that it didn't irritate and dry my skin out at all like all the prescriptions had. My skin is extremely sensitive and it didn't bother me at all. My bf getting suckered into buying this stuff was the best thing that has ever happened to my skin! Now I thank god hes a sucker for pretty eyes, curly hair, and accents! LOL!

  • Olga Minkevich - Good stuff

    I haven't bought these item from Amazon but I've been taking it religiously when I lived in Russia to fight cold and congestion. This is definitely a great medicine and it does tremendous help with sinus issues. As one of the reviewer mentioned, US unfortunately doesn't have the majority of medicine which Europe has and it's a shame. So try this out, it does work!

  • Superbacana - Great shoes!

    I am wearing these for walking, I could walk all day with these shoes, very comfortable, great fit. I also like the GT1000 and GT2000 models. My son wears the same style for running, he really likes them. They are very well made, well cushioned and shock absorbing. It is a stability type shoe, great for overpronators like myself.

  • Dan & T. Martin - Best to start with a small size & plain flavor to see if you like it

    I first bought the CALM lemon with Stevia, but my kid broke out in rash from Stevia. So I bought the plain CALM ... OK with my kid, when mixed with juice and some sugar. Others also reported they like the CALM plain better. I like CALM (magnesium citrate) since it can be taken with food, NO indigestion like magnesium oxide sold at stores. CALM results in less diarrhea than magnesium oxide. CALM helps my kid to stop stuttering, since she's less nervous and sleeps better. More than 1/2 teaspoon of CALM resulted in headache for my wife.

  • LowCarbLivin - Great! Highly recommend.

    This definitely works, and you will the results in a couple of weeks. I use it before I run. It does improve cellulite and also tones the skin. However, I am sure that you need to work out and eat healthily or it isn't going to work.