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  • Kimberly Hawkins - I used to travel with a single cup Melitta style filter and #2 paper filters...... not any more!

    I used to travel with a single cup Melitta style filter and #2 paper filters...... not any more! I love this filter for it's size and convenience. I especially like the over sized ring that sits flat on almost any cup.... something the other filter couldn't do. I was always afraid of it tipping over one side and grounds going everywhere. The Primula sits solidly and cleans easy enough and I love that it isn't much bigger than a CD disc...... perfect for travel! Now I just need the see thru cup, since a regular cup can make you keep lifting it up to see when you've poured enough hot water in. Or you can heat just enough water to fill the cup (with room for cream) and not have to worry about it. It pours over faster than the Melitta filter system too!

  • Richard - Great delivery time. Great condition.

    Arrived in two day which is great cause class starts in a couple of days.Has the smallest imaginable amount of wrinkles on the spine and that might just be from shipping, and there is a ring where the disk has rubbed on the cover. Honestly, i could care less about that. I'm just glad that it came with one. So many i looked for weren't guaranteed to have one.