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  • Mary A. - Fairly positive these ones are fake

    At first I was skeptical...would this really change my pictures that much? IT has! Before I wasn't one to go crazy on the selfies, but now I'm obsessed. I look radiant, and when I combine it with snapchat filters I look ethereal. But the reason I could never go without it: having a button to turn on my flashlight has been so awesome. Now it seems like such a hassle to turn on the one on my phone.

  • Mike G. - Clean skin, doesn't over dry

    My skin gets super oily in humidity and dries out badly in the winter or dry heat. I moved to Los Angeles where it is really dry and my skin was extremely dry and flaky...then came the acne.

  • Claudia - Better than anything else I've tried!

    This an incredible product. I've been using it for the past 2 months and my skin is better than ever before with less breakouts, less dryness, less wrinkles and much firmer. I've tried everything out there and nothing worked as this product with my 48 year old skin. The pads come really soaked with the product. I use this product in the morning and on top of that I use Obagi Vitamin C. At night I use TNS serum on a wet face. I don't need anything else, that is it. Not even my Chanel eye cream, since I use these products on my eye areas as well, being careful with the Dr. Denese not getting too close to the eye...if you try this skin regime your skin will transform itself...Other than that I have been using NuSkin Nano Vitamins...Good Luck!

  • mikeisme - Amazing stuff!

    Worked great! One of the very few stop leaks of any kind I have used over the years and it stopped the rear main seal leak in my old Toyota in a day or so. I didn't even use the whole bottle! I bought a second bottle to have on hand. Good stuf.