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University of Iowa Health Alliance UIHA Genesis, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids and Great River Health Systems - University of Iowa Health Alliance - University of Iowa Health Alliance UIHA Genesis, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids and Great River Health Systems

  • http://www.uihealthalliance.com/uiha/about/ About the University of Iowa Health Alliance - University of Iowa Health Alliance - On June 29, 2012, four of Iowa’s premier health care organizations announced the creation of a health care alliance in Iowa and contiguous areas.

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  • Alpha123 - Great for your Marriage

    I'm late to the game, but this book hit home for me. It's all about leadership and taking control of your marriage (and life). The blog and forum is great too.

  • SteveD1487 - Be aware before you buy.

    Needs sim card and another card and has NO directions on what size to buy or how to insert. Verizon wanted $5 a month to insert their card but said after that I could cancel and that'd be ok. Still got to buy 2 other cards to use it's capability so not such a good value as I hoped. What instructions there are are poorly written.

  • Chentl Deneasha - πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–

    Just like always never disappoints me keep doing your thing had me reading this book like I was apart of the family when you was bringing the other characters in I'm like yeap yeap you have to read money and Montana to l is who Bonnie is lol. I know part 2 is going to be even better salute to you

  • Cody R. - Nice, but limited audio settings

    Nice TV with fantastic picture at a great price, but I have to dock it a star for having a limited audio settings menu. I connected it to a Vizio 29 inch sound bar, but since the TV lacks an audio setting to specify PCM output, the sound bar cannot play audio from broadcast HD channels. As far as I can tell, the optical cable passes Dolby Digital output from the broadcast channels that the sound bar cannot handle. A 4 year old LCD TV had more choices in the audio settings than this new TV.

  • Nancy Donaldson - Love this stuff

    Love this stuff! I've used it on our kitchen cabinets and the bathroom cabinets, which have damage from steam. It looks much better than before. It's been at least six months for the bathroom but it still looks good. I've recommended this product to a friend, who also loves the results.

  • Berudandi - Great product!

    I've had severe acne problems since HS and I could never get rid of it even into adulthood. I did use Accutane, but stopped because I was not fond of the side effects. This product has been great! After a week of using the product, I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. After a few weeks following the directions, my acne cleared. My friends and family commented on how quickly my acne went away. Since I do not want to strip my skin, I now use the product once every other day as part of my regimen.

  • Samsara - The product you've been looking for...

    I had a rat infestation in my garage about 3 years ago. I did an enormous amount of reading online, tried all kinds of deterrents including traps that just gave me shivers, wanted them gone, didn't want to deal with dead carcasses or live bodies! I found Fresh Cab online somewhere after reading about rats poor eyesight, how they rely on their sense of smell to help "see." This product smells wonderful, very earthy and full of essential oils and scents that confuse mice and rats sense of smell. I have a one car garage, I put all 4 packets in (4 packets to a box), and they were gone in 24 hours. Not kidding. 24 hours. I tell this story every time I hear a coworker or friend talk about mice or rats. I hear one little scratching sound and order more on Amazon.