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  • ftgfs2 - Stubborn fat!

    Wish it tasted as well as other energy water additives that I have tried. I like that it also has weight-loss ingredients in it but I haven't lost any weight drinking 3 a day. Although, I am not a bigger girl, I only need to lose 10-15 lbs because I am on the higher side of the range for my height so maybe it's not effective for my type of weight loss that I am seeking. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to listening to shed these stubborn pounds!

  • E. Ortiz - Better than coffee and energy drinks!!!

    I've bought this item before and I've noticed a few things everytime I use it. First, I have more energy than I normally have whenever I drink coffee or energy drinks. Plus you don't get the crash afterwards since it's not loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Don't be intimidated by the nutrition information on the back. Throughout the day, we use and expel nutrients so it's good to have something that can last you whenever you're working or active on other activities.

  • Angela A. - Best Recipes my whole family loves too!

    I have been looking through this cookbook with delight since receiving it yesterday! I cannot even say enough good about Gina and the amazing recipes she does. They are so full of flavor, easy to make, and healthy eating at its finest. I have been cooking her meals for a solid 2 months since starting Weight Watchers and I can tell you, because of Skinnytaste recipes, this is a journey that I am enjoying unlike any other time I've tried to eat better, more healthy, and for weight loss! If you need the Weight Watchers Smart Point values for each recipe in the book, you can find it on her website by clicking on the "Cookbooks" tab.

  • Jennifer N Galbreath - Worked for one day, then stopped. Sent it ...

    Worked for one day, then stopped. Sent it back and have been trying to get Furbo CS to refund. Frustrating.

  • Gavin - WOW!

    After two days my blue bags under my eyes is almost pretty much GONE!! I cannot believe it! I will continue to use this forever!

  • Eleanor - It wasn't till I borrowed someone else's stroller that I fully appreciated how wonderful this one was

    Worth the money! It wasn't till I borrowed someone else's stroller that I fully appreciated how wonderful this one was. It is easy to handle and maneuver. The bassinet is so comfortable, baby loves it!

  • Jim Wissing - JuicePlus helped my brain and strengthen my tendon!

    Being a Licensed Massage Therapist, I can feel tissue quality, and have started many clients on it and they are quite happy. Why? What is really going on? Lactate Acidosis is mainly the cause of tight tissues. More free radicals than antioxidants, breaks down tissues, muscles and tendons. My experience was that my brain was clear, I had more organized thinking, less anziety, and that was after 2 days. 30% of my clients felt the same. I give about 1000 athletic massages per year, and my inner elbow was in constant pain for over 1 year. After 5 weeks of all 3 JuicePlus capsules and the shake, my elbow tendon was stronger and pain began to reduce. After 7 weeks I could pick up a case of water. Tendon therapy in under 2 months for the price of a cup of coffee! I'm in for life! One of my therapists strengthened the tendons in his knees in 4 weeks. 3 other clients facing double knee surgeries strengthened in about 2.5 months. Per the scam, when I sold products for Kodak, I got paid, why shouldn't I get paid when I sell Juice Plus?