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UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill, NC - When you need a hospital, rely on UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, NC, to provide you and your family with the latest advances in health care.

  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/unc-childrens/ UNC Children's Hospital - Chapel Hill, NC - When your child needs care, turn to the medical experts at UNC Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC, for compassionate and exemplary health care.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/ Patients & Visitors | UNC Hospitals, Medical Center- Chapel Hill, NC - Explore a variety of resources dedicated to helping you prepare for your stay at UNC Medical Center.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/research-innovation/ Research & Innovation - Research at UNC Health Care includes thousands of physicians and scientists who aim to bring lab discoveries into the clinics to benefit others.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/professional-education-services/ Professional Education for Nurses, Doctors, and Healthcare Providers in Chapel Hill, NC - Find information for professional education opportunities, professional services, and physician resources at UNC Medical Center.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/make-an-appointment/ Make an Appointment | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Medical Center offers multiple resources for you to find the right doctor for your needs and make appointments
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/billing/ Billing & Financial Assistance|UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - Pay your UNC Hospitals and UNC Faculty Physician bills online, by mail, by phone or in person. Financial counseling and financial assistance programs are described for those seeking charity care and general information on how to pay a bill.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/patients-visitors/medical-records/ Medical Records and Privacy | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - Chapel Hill, NC - Requesting medical records and receiving medical records can be done online, by fax, email, mail, or in person.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/care-treatment/cancer/ Cancer, Oncology | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill - Find nationally ranked, patient-centered cancer care at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the NC Cancer Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/care-treatment/heart-vascular/ Heart Health Services, UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - Find comprehensive, nationally recognized care for your heart, veins and arteries at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/care-treatment/neurosurgery/ Neurosurgery | UNC Medical Center, UNC Hospitals, Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Medical Center neurosurgeons provide nationally recognized care across many specialties including brain tumors, epilepsy, spinal neurosurgery and more.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/care-treatment/surgical-services/ Surgical Services – Chapel Hill, NC | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - If you need surgery, find compassionate, world-renowned expert care at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/uncmc/about/nursing/ Nursing | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Medical Center's nursing staff is among its greatest assets, providing compassionate care for all patients
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/care-treatment/transplant-care/ Transplant Care - Chapel Hill, NC | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals - If you’re facing a heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas or bone marrow transplant, find compassionate, expert care at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/care-treatment/womens-health Women's Health | UNC Hospitals- Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Women's Care provides a full range of health care services in inpatient and outpatient settings to meet a women's needs throughout the span of her life.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/contact-us/ Contact Us - Please contact UNC Medical Center with any questions or comments you may have.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/about/ About UNC Medical Center - Chapel Hill, NC - Learn about UNC Medical Center and it's dedication to serving North Carolina residents.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/support/volunteer-services/ Volunteer Services | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - Make a difference, touch a life and learn while helping others at the UNC Medical Center by joining our hospital volunteer team today.
  • https://www.uncmedicalcenter.org/unc-medical-center/disclaimer/ Disclaimer | UNC Medical Center, Hospitals – Chapel Hill, NC - Disclaimer for content, personally provided information, stored information and links to other sites.

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