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Urology Specialists of Atlanta - Setting the Standard for Urologic Care in Atlanta - Urology Specialists of Atlanta provides vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, biofeedback, and care of the prostate, bladder, kidney, urethra, and ureter

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  • trevia mccray - Dont Buy Weathertech

    Not even worth the money. Go invest in $20 mats and don't let ppl eat or drink in your car. The customer service is crappy and they don't back their products. Customer fit so they say for me Not True at all so I got dupped out of $120. So not Worth It. They are full of be after they get your money.

  • Whoever - I am having the most horrible reaction to this

    See below for my original 1-star review, which I've decided to edit months later to be fair. I had a bad reaction but I now realize it was my own fault. I wasn't cautious enough, and I didn't immediately stop when my skin was reacting badly. I was too brave and greedy for things to happen. Go in slow, and be cautious. Once my skin reaction cleared up (THANK YOU ALOE GEL) I continued using this, but much more cautiously. I figured, it affected me because it was working. It's not just snake oil. Now I just use small amount every other night, mixed with my night cream, and my skin feels fine. I have no idea how much it's re-newing my skin, but I assume it is because it's obviously powerful stuff.

  • Cathy Nugent - I would say the day and night cream are essentially Ponds cold cream put into a smaller jar than Ponds would give and of no bett

    I was at a mall the other day, where I was approached by some young people in a Deja Vu pop-up store. I got a very high-pressure sales pitch by two unrelenting sales representatives. I left with $300 in products that are probably worth about $75 or maybe $100 tops. After sitting down for a a little while, I went back to the stand and asked to return the items. I was told there are no refunds on the products, so I am stuck. When I got home and looked closely at the items, I would say the day and night cream are essentially Ponds cold cream put into a smaller jar than Ponds would give and of no better quality. The facial peeling stuff sticks like glue to my cheeks and is horrible. If you are approached by sales representatives of this product, I would say put your hand up, don't make eye contact and run like the wind to get away. You will do much better with Oil of Olay or Neutrogenia. I was tired and hungry and succumbed to a pushy sales person. I hope you don't.

  • Denise Moses - Real information and Real Results

    I'm a African American female who have personally read and applied the principles described in this book. The information and suggestions are real and have real results. My then husband was overweight, suffered with migraines, on blood pressure medicine, taking pills for acid re-flux. In 7 days of following the suggestions, he lost weight and had to visit his doctor, the same day of the visit come off all meds and experience no more migraines. I am able to make better food choices and able to maintain my weight using some of the information in this book at 53 years old.

  • Amazon Customer - Great device and great value

    Easy to use and very sturdy chair. Meets my needs and my wife as well. Get a very good workout from the shocks.

  • food lover - Works

    As anyone who had cold sores knows, this product works. It really does have to be applied at that first sign, itch or tingle. It makes the difference in starting at all or just lessening the time. I always have this on hand now, especially with the great price on Amazon. It's a $5-8 dollar difference than drugstores or grocery stores.