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  • Personne - Not much changes over the 2012 version

    I reviewed last year's model of Quickbooks for Mac. While I could have cut and pasted most of that review, I'll add a few new words. I should say just a little more about what I'm using it for. I started up a business less than a year ago and purchased Quickbooks on the advice of my accountant. It's fair to say that, while I'm learning, I'm still just finding my way through it. Quickbooks help isn't really much help--especially if you need to learn basic accounting principals. Plan on spending some more money to learn what you're doing.

  • Helen C. Chapman - Kills the fleas, not the cat

    Last year, we fought with fleas. We bombed the house, pulled out furniture, did everything but skin the cats. We tried everything, from the top spot poisons, which made the cats sick, to spraying the house and yard, which made the people sick. The only thing that seemed to do any good at all was Diatamaceous Earth, which we put in the grass, the carpets, the furniture, and yes, on the cats. But it still didn't keep them from bringing in the occasional flea.The vet recommended the Seresto collars. I asked how much. $80! If I had one cat, it would have been okay. But for five of them, it was a bit rich for my blood. The tech took me aside and told me to check Amazon.

  • Jamie - Love the new look

    Love the new look! The product was excellent, good material, and very sturdy! the only reason I gave four stars is because their not as long as the factory ones. So if you have OCD I would recommend buying all four replacements!

  • Terence Tennis - Microsoft Word 2010

    Oddly, not as easy to work with as Word 2003. Microsoft needs to remember the old American expression: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Also, it is still very expensive.

  • Carrie B123 - This isn't for everyone, especially us middle aged women

    I was about 44 when I purchased the kit. It was such a huge disappointment for me, I put it on eBay after using it a few times. This accentuated all the fine lines that come with age. It's very drying even if you use a good moisturizer. While it may be great for younger women, in my opinion, and those of others my age who I have talked to, it's not a great foundation for the 40 and older crowd in general.

  • Brigitte - Really helped my hair loss

    I purchased Biotin because I've been losing hair due to medication. It was getting so bad I thought I needed to buy a wig. Biotin really helped. I saw new hair growing in about 3 weeks after starting to take these. It made my hair look fuller, and after taking these about 8 months I'm almost back to normal. I do notice that if I forget to take them for a day or two, I begin to lose more hair.

  • What kind of company do you want? - What kind of company do you want?

    If you want transform a mediocre company and mediocre leadership skills to "more than ordinary" or "great" this is your book. If you want to OPTIMIZE your company and leadership skills, then get Optimal Thinking : How to be your best self as well and give the book to every employee in your company. We use many of the insights from this book, and optimize our company with Optimal Thinking each and every day.