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  • Lynda Rider Lacasse - I thought this was a fairly good read, and I liked the main characters.

    I thought this was a fairly good read. Not one of those ' can't put it down' books though. I got a little lost in places trying to keep the characters straight.

  • eric m. - Clever glucose monitor, works well but is it necessary?

    This iHealth Align glucose meter is an interesting innovation in glucogen meters, especially if you've been keeping track of your glucose levels for a while but are sick of recording all your numbers in a log book or a piece of paper. The iPhone connectivity is a cool idea and the meter is small and portable but there are some annoying things about this meter that need to be addressed. I am still giving it 4 stars because it works and the free software is nice looking and works well, and the hardware also integrates with the health features of iOS 8, which is also a big plus. Especially when tracking levels over a period of time. It makes it super easy to show your doctor your glucose trends if needed. So this system works, it's cool and affordable and I can't really complain about it's overall functionality.

  • Rykopop - Very well made lite weight foul weather jacket for warm weather here in Florida

    Very well made lite weight foul weather jacket for warm weather here in Florida. The breathability makes it great for those afternoon squals coming back from fishing.

  • LJJC - THE BEST colon cleanser I have ever tried and trust me

    THE BEST colon cleanser I have ever tried and trust me, I have tried a TON of them. I'm losing 2 pounds a week and doing nothing different but taking these on a regular basis. When you go to the restroom you literally lose a good half a pound in waste. They say that the human body holds upwards to 40+ pounds of waste in the intestines at all times so this is not an exaggeration. It sounds gross, but when you check the toilet afterwards you'll be amazed at how much is in there EACH time, not just the first time. Lastly, it's gentle! You do not have that horrible uncomfortable laxative stomach pain. You just have a normal bowel movement feeling and when you go, it's like the gates of hell just opened out your intestines and let out a host of demons. (Ok, I added that part for a laugh) But seriously, I swear by this product so much that I just sent a bottle to my best friend as we go through our weight loss journey together. It works!!

  • Photomandan - Best pain relief in 10 years!

    Thanks to turmeric, I’ve completely gone off of pain meds, the last being Norco. It’s helped reduce pain more than any prescription drug I’ve been on in the past 10 years for various back & neck problems and RA. I switched to Schwartz because of it being a higher quality product, is the highest potency available and all at a price that I think is reasonable.