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ViaCord | Your Family's Cord Blood Bank | ViaCord - Our mission is to provide the highest quality stem cell preservation service and care to our patients, families, and their physicians.

  • http://www.viacord.com/viacord-customers/index.aspx Information for Current Customers | ViaCord | ViaCord - Whether you’re preparing for the birth of your baby or your child’s cord blood is already safely stored, this section will provide you with helpful information.
  • http://www.viacord.com/free-info-kit/index.aspx Free Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Information Kit | ViaCord | ViaCord - Cord blood banking shouldn't be confusing. Get your questions answered with our free cord blood and cord tissue information kit and learn more about banking with ViaCord.
  • http://www.viacord.com/why-bank Why Bank Cord Blood? | ViaCord | ViaCord - Cord blood is used today in the treatment of nearly 80 life-threatening diseases, including genetic disorders and cancers. Learn more.
  • http://www.viacord.com/why-bank/cord-blood What is Cord Blood? | ViaCord - A newborn baby's umbilical cord blood contains young stem cells that can renew themselves and become specialized. Learn what makes cord blood so special.
  • http://www.viacord.com/why-bank/cord-tissue Benefits of Cord Tissue Banking | ViaCord - The tissue found in your baby’s umbilical cord contains a special kind of stem cell — different from cord blood stem cells. These special cells are being studied in great detail for their ability to regenerate bone, cartilage, tendons and neurons.
  • http://www.viacord.com/why-bank/how-stem-cells-work How Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Work | ViaCord - Learn all about newborn baby stem cells, including what makes umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells so special.
  • http://www.viacord.com/why-bank/cord-blood-101-videos Why Bank Cord Blood and Cord Tissue with ViaCord Featuring Rosie Pope | ViaCord - In their own words, hear from families who have used their cord blood in the treatment of disease or in clinical trial research.
  • http://www.viacord.com/cord-banking What Is Cord Blood Banking? | ViaCord | ViaCord - Cord blood is used in the treatment of nearly 80 serious diseases. See the benefits of cord blood banking, how cord blood is collected, and how it can be used.
  • http://www.viacord.com/cord-banking/viacords-treatment-experience Our Treatment Experience | ViaCord | ViaCord - We have preserved the cord blood of more than 350,000 newborns and released more cord blood units to doctors and researchers than any other family bank.
  • http://www.viacord.com/cord-banking/our-cord-tissue-service Cord Tissue Banking | ViaCord - At ViaCord, ee extract cord tissue stem cells prior to storage to best prepare them for potential use.
  • http://www.viacord.com/cord-banking/processing-and-storage Cord Blood Stem Cell Processing & Storage | ViaCord - Our process – from collection to retrieval – is held to the highest quality standard. To maximize what you have stored with us, ViaCord equally divides your stem cells into a practical, smart 5-compartment storage bag.
  • http://www.viacord.com/cord-banking/collection-and-transport Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Process | ViaCord - Find everything you need to know about our streamlined collection and medical courier process and our advanced collection bag, designed to maximize stem cell yield.
  • http://www.viacord.com/treatments-and-research Cord Blood Treatments & Research | ViaCord | ViaCord - Cord blood is used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases today. We collaborate with renowned research institutions to explore potential medical uses for both cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.
  • http://www.viacord.com/treatments-and-research/treatable-diseases-today What is cord blood used for today? | ViaCord - Learn how cord blood is used in the treatment of diseases and disorders today.
  • http://www.viacord.com/treatments-and-research/regenerative-medicine Regenerative Medicine & Cord Blood Stem Cells | Viacord | ViaCord - Researchers probe for new possibilities using cord blood stem cells and are exploring a new and exciting area of research known as regenerative medicine.
  • http://www.viacord.com/treatments-and-research/emerging-research Emerging Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Research | ViaCord - Great scientific minds continue to probe for new possibilities using cord blood stem cells and many are exploring a new and exciting area of research known as regenerative medicine.
  • http://www.viacord.com/treatments-and-research/research-collaborations Cord Blood and Tissue Research Collaborations | ViaCord | ViaCord - ViaCord collaborates with renowned research institutions to explore new potential medical uses for cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.
  • http://www.viacord.com/pricing Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking Pricing | ViaCord | ViaCord - How much does cord blood banking cost? ViaCord offers several options to meet your family's needs. Review service, storage and payment plan options.
  • http://www.viacord.com/pricing/cord-blood-banking How much does cord blood banking cost? | ViaCord - Get pricing for ViaCord's cord blood and cord tissue banking services. It's more affordable than you think.
  • http://www.viacord.com/pricing/gift-registry Cord Blood Gift Registry | ViaCord - Opening a cord blood gift registry gives your loved ones the opportunity share in something truly unique. ViaCord is pleased to recommend GoFundMe.com for all of our customers’ gift registry needs.
  • http://www.viacord.com/about About ViaCord | ViaCord | ViaCord - For over 20 years, ViaCord has provided the highest quality, cord blood stem cell collections for our families, and has been involved in cutting edge research to find therapies.

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