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Oncolytic Viral Therapy - Our attention is focused on curing cancer, so people can lead happy and healthy lives.  We develop smart viral-based therapies to destroy tumors.

  • http://www.vyriad.com/pipeline/ Pipeline - Vyriad - Our focus areas center on maintaining a vibrant pipeline of cancer-fighting viruses, advancing non-invasive imaging techniques & developing an oncolytic vaccine.
  • http://www.vyriad.com/technology/ Technology - Vyriad - Vyriad is developing novel oncolytic virus therapies for the treatment of cancers with significant unmet clinical need.  We are engineering potent Vesicular Stomatitis virus and Measles virus oncolytic platforms to selectively destroy cancer cells. 
  • http://www.vyriad.com/measles Measles-Platform - Vyriad - Measles simple RNA virus is evolved and adapted to selectively replicate in and destroy cancer cells.  Measles virus is a POTENT, VERSATILE & PROGRAMMABLE modality for precision targeting of many cancer types.
  • http://www.vyriad.com/about-us/ About Us - Vyriad - We are founded by a passionate team of researchers and clinicians, each with extensive experience in development and translation of novel therapies for the treatment of cancer.
  • http://www.vyriad.com/contact/ Contact Us - Vyriad - Vyriad is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Rochester, MN focused on a mission to cure cancer with a single, affordable shot.

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  • Dan Dahl - not a bad learning toll.

    have learned more than I thought I would from it. still not done learning from it. will say onr thing it's a lot cheaper than a tech school.

  • Brett - Lasted less than three months.

    This router lasted less than 3 months, it just quit working. Power was on, but network would not recognize the device. Good thing I kept my old Linksys router.

  • Joe Huss - The book is very detailed and yet easy to understand. it prompts you to consider many options and important decisions that you

    I am only about two thirds of the way through reading the book, but it is very detailed and yet easy to understand. It prompts you to consider many options and choices that I would never have thought of. I have not used the software yet. A will is an important document and should be planned and prepared very carefully. I will finish the book and review it with my wife and then prepare our wills and other documents with the software together.

  • Girly Reader - Murad Acne Body Wash is THE Best!

    I really enjoy this cleanser. A couple years ago I was prone to acne all over body -- any area you can imagine! After using a multitude of products, my mom had found this cleanser along with Murad's "Time Release Acne Cleanser" for my face. Just after one wash my face felt fresh, clean, and didn't hurt as much as it did. Then after a couple of days you could tell a noticeable difference between my face and body than before. After a couple of months, I had hardly any acne. I love this and would recommend this to anyone with severe acne, has oily skin, or is prone to acne. I have oily skin and am not sure how it will react to dry skin. After almost a year if no oil-free lotion was applied, my skin became a little dry after using the facial cleanser twice a day and the body cleanser once a day. Now I only use both cleansers once a day because my acne is not severe anymore. This is so worth the money! It is not harsh on your skin like a lot of other cleansers, cleans well, and lasts at least for a couple of months if you use it daily.

  • LadyNims - HALLELUJAH!

    I have a spot on my carpet that smells like urine and I have tried everything! The expensive "pet" carpet cleaning machine with special "pet odor" detergent didn't work. Neither did all the Nature's Miracle products sold at Petsmart. Neither did the home remedies-- baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. Neither did the professional carpet cleaners. Neither did pulling the carpet up and hand washing it on a washboard. I bought a couple bottles of this, poured it inside a hand sprayer and drenched the place. 24 hours later it is dry and no more urine smell!!!