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Biquíni, Moda Praia 2016, Fitness e tendências | WAMP - Grife de moda praia e fitness WAMP com lojas em Belo Horizonte (BH) e no Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Biquínis, maiôs, tops, camisetas, saída de praia.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Yosi16 - Not good with PlayStation camera if you want to score points

    I am going to give it 3 stars because like some people said it doesn't work very well with the PlayStation camera...I alredy had JD 2015 and bough this one with 2016 so I proved both games and it's really frustrating how the game register your face like a player and in the middle of the dance you are dancing like another one so your points are split into two players...I don't have PlayStation move so I can't try how it works with it.

  • mscalij - Made my hair a hot mess!

    I was soooo excited to try this treatment after reading all of the glowing reviews. I washed my hair and let it dry before putting on the product so it would absorb thoroughly. I saturated my hair and left it on overnight. The smell is unpleasant but I found myself getting used to it and noticing less. It also seems to evaporate a bit. So I wake up and CAN'T WAIT to wash my hair and see the results. I shampood twice because it seemed like there was still a lot of product left in my hair. When my hair finally dried it was actually in WORSE condition than when I applied it. Dry, brittle and damaged looking. Finally after weeks of co-washing my hair seems to have regained some moisture and doesn't seem as angry.