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  • http://www.wedorecover.co.za/what-we-treat/#alcohol-abuse What we treat - We Do Recover - We Do Recover specialises in various addictions & treatments, ranging from alcohol abuse to drug addiction to a multitude of behavioural disorders.

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  • Jason C. Parham - All i wanted, but with flaws

    I have Charter cable for my internet service and i recently upgraded to the 25Mbps package. The all-in-one netgear router/modem that i was leasing from Charter wasn't capable of draft N, and i was getting charged $9.99 a month for it so i decided that it was time for an upgrade. After about a week of searching i finally settled on the SBG6580. I chose this all-in-one solution because it would help limit the wire clutter in my house. Now with that being said, this Motorola device is GREAT! The speeds are super fast, and it can be a useful device all the way from the computer novice, to someone with a CCIE. On the flip side the GUI is a bit clunky. When it comes to non-enterprise level routers my experience is mainly with netgear and linksys. I would have to admit that both of those companies have a much more friendly user interface. Not to mention that remote configuration is possible with both of those other companies. I guess Motorola sees it as a security risk to allow remote configurations. Oah well.

  • Mark L. - Four Stars

    Very timely with some good background information. It is quite short so it is more like a magazine article.