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Dinocap|Rotenone|Etodolac|Acarbose|Acyclovir--Welpharm Co., Ltd. - Welpharm Group provides its customers with trading, marketing, R&D, manufacturing and processing functions in four key business areas: Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates and Finished products.

  • http://www.wel-pharm.com/about.html 农药|医药及其中间体|动物药|化工原料以及加工产品--威尔德(上海)有限公司 - 威尔德(上海)有限公司是日本Welpharm的投资的生产贸易型公司.设立于上海外高桥保税区内,主要经营农药,医药及其中间体,动物药,化工原料以及加工产品.

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  • Kopperhed - looks great.....

    as others have stated, it doesn't sit quite as snug to the body as the original gas cap surround, but I can't really see a noticeable gap anywhere, just that you can turn it slightly side to side as much as the locating pin will allow. The allen screws just hold the aluminum outer ring to the new inner plastic surround. I may take it back off ( and probably risk breaking a tab) and try putting a ring of silicone around the backside. I would definitely recommend applying some silicone to it for anyone doing it for the first time.... don't wait and see if it fits loose first, it will.

  • Victoria Toussainy - No Result

    I ordered this because a few of celebs was advertising this product. So I thought I'll give it a try with my work outs. This does nothing but give you a cool feel to your butt. I gave it 2 months...smh I wasted my money...

  • Cameron J. Birk - Buy this book.

    Just ordered a few of these for my own marriage & others to pass out to friends. Love this ministry, the authors & the message they faithfully convey. Seriously can't wait to get ours in the mail! Great work & keep it up.