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Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center | - Wellesley Medical, office of Dr. Shafipour, is a West Los Angeles based proactive primary care center delivering preventative medical care, nutrition consultation and weight loss.

  • http://www.wellesleymd.com/about-wellesley A PROACTIVE HEALTH CENTER | Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center - We are a proactive health center with dietitians, physicians, family doctors and general practicioners available to provide quality servics in weight loss, wellness, nutrition consulting and family medicine.
  • http://www.wellesleymd.com/services Create Contact Wellesley | Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center - Our family doctor, Dr. Shafipour, also acts as a dietitian, physician and general practitioner offering services in primary care, preventive medicine, nutrition consultation and weight loss.
  • http://www.wellesleymd.com/blogs/wellesley-medical Wellesley Medical's blog | Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center - Wellesley Medical offering solutions to a solid Diet plan with professional dietitians. We can assist with Weight loss and help you lose fat. We also can help with thyroid problems and ensure that you get on the right fitness plan. Serving Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills,CA

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  • Regina Lewis - Shameless is by far one of the best shows on TV

    Shameless is by far one of the best shows on TV, Love the characters. I love Lip and my husband ( of course) loves Fionađź’•

  • B. Preston - BEST purchase for early riser toddler

    Our son was waking up at 5am, sometimes as early as 4:30am. Way too early in our household! He had been a 7am riser which is much more our style. When we started using this clock, my son was still working on talking but he understood red lights and green lights when we drove in the car so I thought this would be a concept he would understand. We started setting the clock at 6am. The first few mornings he woke up before his light had turned green. We would go in his room (he's in a crib still) and let him know he couldn't get up until it turned green. He wasn't happy but after a few days he got it! Once he understood the concept, we started setting the clock later and later until we got him back to 7am! This clock has literally been a lifesaver. We have an infant daughter too and my son who is very loud was waking everyone in the house.

  • Daniel R. Jensen - One month of Chrome-y goodness. Then, not so much...

    Fine until it failed 30 days after I bought it. Much messing around and talking to Toshiba got them to offer me a charge of only $30.00 for a box and shipping back to them, so that they can fix it for me on an unspecified schedule. I may change this rating (if?) after I get it back, but it isn't looking good.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect for Nexus 5x

    First of all it came in a day earlier than expected. The packaging was appropriate. Fast charging capabilities like the original charger. Now only if I could find a car charger that provided fast charging like this.

  • Matthew Malpeli - The view from the closet

    After reading Cory's MANifesto and carefully considering the arguments within I'm prepared to offer punters 3-1 odds that he'll be caught in a Sydney hotel with rent boys and a smoking meth pipe within six months.