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  • dogwell - Good Stuff

    Good stuff most of the time and when it doesnt work normally it is the BEST phone support of ANY software company, THEY DO NOT WASTE MY TIME and my time is valuable.

  • Miriam - Find casinos while traveling

    While on road trips we like to stop at casinos. This guide is great for information in every State we drive to. Lets us know if there is a hotel attached and which games are available. It gives us the phone numbers and rates. This is my third year purchasing this book and I love it.

  • Donna - Works Great!!!

    Same as you would get with an order of checks. We have more transactions than we used to have when I was writing checks for everything. We use online bill pay so I have just as many transactions, but not so many checks. They work great.

  • funny man - lmfao

    these reviews are absolutely hilarious my stomach hurts from laughing so much, iam so getting these to hand out to the AHOLES at work!

  • Grace - Not too bad! I traded my steam mop for this one!

    It came really quickly! However my mop was bent and is still bent. It mops well and washes great in the washing machine! I like how it came with two mop heads for a low price. It's a good buy, just wish it hadn't been bent.