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Wereldhave - Wereldhave invests in convenience shopping centres that are dominant in their micro environment in larger provincial cities in northwest continental Europe. We focus on shopping centres that have a sound balance between shopping convenience and experience. With easy accessibility, an offer that covers 90% of shopping needs of goods and services, successful (inter-) national and local retail formulas and strong food anchors, our centres provide convenience shopping to accommodate an ageing population, ongoing urbanisation and a busy lifestyle.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Patty Pyle - Adorable little clock

    My 4yr old loves his stoplight clock, it works great and the stoplight concept is easy for him. The clock is very lightweight, and one thing I did not know before buying is that the car is porcelain, but the rest is plastic, making me wonder if it would survive a drop. I still think this was a great buy though.

  • Amazon Customer - Kindle errors

    I have found various errors in the kindle edition of this book. Surely one should not compromise on quality editing when producing ebooks. It is quite irritating to come across so many errors.

  • The Warped Woodturner - I was satisfied with the product last so cannot rate the new ...

    I was satisfied with the product last so cannot rate the new version. This year I tried downloading the 2015 successfully but did not get an e-mail with an activation code. I tried calling the H & R customer service line and got the AI voice asking me what my problem was and it was totally frustrating until I used the F-word which the AI software could recognize and sent me to a human. There was a 15 or more minute wait until I talked to a human who helped me get the code so all is well. Once I got to talk to a person the service was excellent.

  • Josh - Whitens teeth

    These whiten your teeth, as advertised, and even don't slip. The issue I have with them is, why would crest think someone only wants to whiten 4-5 teeth on their bottom row? The bottom strip is TINY. This just seems stupid. It was big enough to cover 4 1/2 teeth if I lined it up just right. I've used other crest white strips that had better bottom row coverage. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, I highly recommend you do not buy this particular product.

  • Phyllis R. - Good bike for the money

    Arm wheels were not quite what I expected. Otherwise, love the foot pedals. Will be a great tool for working out my legfs.