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  • Dr. Steve Warner - Use this book in addition to the Real ACT Prep Guide

    I am a Math Professor, SAT and ACT Math tutor, and author of the "ACT Prep Red Book - 320 ACT Math Problems With Solutions." I also tutor the Science section of the ACT. I use my own book to prepare my students for ACT math together with the practice tests from "The Real ACT Prep Guide," since it is the only book with actual ACTs. I use content from the Princeton Review book as an additional source for the science section and am satisfied with it. When I tutor for the ACT I generally have my students do 5 practice tests from the Real ACT Prep Guide. For classwork and homework I use material from my book for math and the Princeton Review book for science (note that problems from these books are not done under timed conditions). This amount of preparation is more than sufficient for a substantial improvement to your score. It is important however to be implementing the correct strategies as you prepare. The Science section in particular can be a bit tricky since your time must be used wisely. Let me finish this review by telling you exactly how I teach my students to take the Science section of the test.

  • belvora - Very impressive results

    I've been following this diet for about a month and am very impressed with the improvements my body has made. I feel better. I don't get the sugar crashes I've had forever. I'm down 10lbs. I haven't even done a cleanse yet. I have been a sugar addict most of my life and the vinegar helps the cravings tremendously. I'm very impressed with this book and diet. It's common sense once you read it and understand what she's talking about. I recommend for everyone to try for themselves.

  • Mr Eric McDonogh - Scary for those who don't have Cancer....yet

    From cover to cover this is what you would call an informative book. It opened my mind to the impurities and toxins we put in our bodies. As a person who found myself in the position where a loved one got brest cancer, I found this book very informative on what practical solutions to take in the fight against the disease. The solution this book suggests though is not an easy one. Then again nothing worth while ever is. A complete lifestyle change is on order to enable the body to implement its own defences and cure the cancer. This book has opened my eyes to the causes of cancer and how we ourselves are primarily at fault. Sure there are hereditary causes but the food and things we eat are a huge factor. Having read this book I would recommend that you approach it with an open mind. Listen to what Anne and David (authors) have to say, and then make up your own mind. This book will not offer you a pop the pill solution or provide you with some magical remedy for cancer. What it will do is whet your appetite and show you that there is another way forward, there is life after Chemotherapy fails and there is life after Cancer. I consider myself a healthy person, this book scared me about what I was told about the foods I eat and what they do to me. I completely recommend this book and can do that because I know that with an open mind any reader will get from it what I did. A point in the right direction to beat this terrible disease.