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  • Chris Dendrinos - Mopar for less

    These bezels are the same as the ones shown to me at the dealership, just for a lot less $$! Super easy to install (just had to pop the old ones out with a puddy knife and painters tape to protect the cars paint) they look much better than the flat black ones. Buy them.. Now!

  • sherry - not to bad, still worth it

    not as sturdy as I thought but this was for putting quarters in for collecting. would have been nice with a little info on the coins but I think its good because you can open this book and see your coins.

  • Amazon Customer - Buyer beware no direction for download

    When I received the key card I was surprised it was a card in a plastic baggie. There was no directions on how to download the software. I went to the website as noted on the baggie but there is no direction as to where to go on the page. The website noted on the back of the card is a company wanting to sell you software do not call the number I did. I would not recommend buying this product

  • Rich - My last truck had catch alls and they were great. The is not rim around the weather tech ...

    They don't hold the water in. I have them in my 2012 Silverado and the water runs toward the door sill. Notice it running right on to my carpet. I wish I did more reading at first on these. All the marketing got me. My last truck had catch alls and they were great. The is not rim around the weather tech to keep the water in the mat. Look at other brands. Only think I like is the back seat mat goes up under the seat so when you fold up the bottoms it is covered. Sent 2 emails to customer service and no reply. So I will never do business with them again!