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  • confined mom - There is another America

    Twoscore and seven years ago we as a nation were at the brink of Vietnam, two years into the Bible being banned from classroom use, five years from the 3000+ deaths per day that would occur in our abortion facilities, and hoping Cuba wouldn't again plan to blow us off the map. There was also no information about Barack Obama out there for anyone to learn about him. Today, he has been president for four years and while all those other things have shown a degree of change, and public focus, the media is still not aware that Barack Obama had a past and therefore has plans for the future. This is a very good attempt to help us get to know this man we are to honor as our President, because we are to honor the powers that be, that are ordained of God. We are a nation under God and indivisible because of it. This documentary presents concerns and data that help us know how to pray for our country and one another.

  • Cara Bradshaw - Very disappointed

    I purchased this laptop thinking it was a good alternative to a MacBook Air because of the light feel and backlit keyboard and I use it mostly for Google-based work. It worked well for just long enough to be out of the Amazon Return policy. Then I started having issues where the computer simply would not turn on. Sometimes the power button light would be on, the fan would make noise, and I'd hear a clicking sound. When I called Toshiba customer service, they advised me to do a "re-boot"-- when I did, the message I got was "Google iOS cannot be found." I simply had to wait for the computer to decide to work again. It did, but only for another few weeks. And then I had the problem again. This time, days went by before it turned back on. I sent it into customer service, where it sat for 2 weeks before I got a call saying they couldn't duplicate the issue I was having and therefore could not proceed with the repair. When I called back the number they advised me to call, I got a third party repair company and went to a nondescript voicemail box. I then spent an hour on the phone with Toshiba being booted from one customer service rep to another and put on hold. I do not recommend this product.

  • rainbeacon - This mop is so much better. Buy some replacement mop heads so that you ...

    I will never go back to using a sponge mop again. This mop is so much better. Buy some replacement mop heads so that you have one for regular cleaning and one for yucky stuff. Also, I have one mop head just for walls and baseboards.

  • Book Lover - Good choice so far

    Just got this mattress a week ago and so far so good. I didn't need a break in period. It was comfortable from day one. I don't know why so many reviews say it is too firm. I'd call it medium -- there are a lot firmer beds out there. I have a bad back and kept waking up every night between that and getting too warm in my old mattress so looking forward to what happens here.