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  • retirednak - Great deal for me

    Been using RID-X for 20+? years. Here in AK unless your right in town, you have a septic system. I did contact Rid-X to find out if this product works{the microbes} in the extreme cold. To which the reply was depends upon the temp. My area doesn't stay in the cut off zone that often. I've not had a single septic issue in either of my homes. I treat my system on a regular basis. I have my Rid-X sent to me on auto order at a much better price that I can get locally. It arrives by FedEx with no issues

  • a reader - good lotion; had to swap out the weak pump with one from a shampoo bottle

    I've been using Gold Bond Lotion for several years. I use it on my hands and also to keep my nails from splitting/peeling (but wearing gloves to wash anything is the best preventative). The thickness of this lotion allows it to stay on the skin until wiped or washed off. Most other lotions are too watery and thin, making it ineffective for very dry skin. Other brands are very heavily perfumed and irritate my hands, such as Nivea. Gold Bond does have a slight fragrance but it's tolerable and I usually don't even notice the scent.

  • Heritagechad - Made my accounting simple!

    I was "Old School" when it came to accounting for my business. But since my business has taken off, I couldn't continue being "Old School". After researching the many types of software out there, I chose QuickBooks. And it has been the best decision I have made for my small company, to date! Thanks Quickbooks for getting me from "Old School" to just "Cool"!!

  • Amazon Customer - I ordered this doll and somehow, it was lost ...

    I ordered this doll and somehow, it was lost in the mail. No idea what happened to it or how it got lost.

  • Denise - Avoid this- it makes your skin worse, esp under eyes

    I'm 40, fair-skinned, and beginning to get some creases under my eyes. I bought this hoping it would erase some of the finer wrinkles. Instead, it made them much, much more noticable and even gave me new wrinkles. As others have stated here, it caused my skin to lose elasticity and seemingly "bunch up" under my eyes.