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  • UrExfromTex - Easy to use & very lightweight, but not adjustable

    We bought this stroller because I wanted a higher quality, lightweight umbrella stroller to transition to from our cheap (read: crappy) skeleton stroller. After reading the reviews, we decided to go with the G-Lite over the G-Luxe because I wanted the lighter weight stroller. I definitely received what I asked for with this stroller. It is really lightweight. I can easily pick it up with one hand. It's not hard to open or close. It steers very easily with one hand (learned that lesson the hard way with struggles fighting a stroller that would NOT go straight in the airport by myself with the baby). It's as smooth of a ride as you can get with cheap plastic wheels. I have to agree with the others in that the wheels are less than stellar especially considering the price tag. It appears to be a high quality, solidly constructed piece. The back of the stroller is all fabric. There are no cross bars or anything hard pressing against his back (different than other umbrella strollers I've seen). The amount of padding seems to be nice and comfy. The black and white color combo looks very smart and modern. I'm not sure if the lack of recline will be an issue for us or not. Time will time, I suppose. One potential issue we might have is fitting it in the back of my car. It folds up compact, but still lengthwise. The seat is a little large for my (23 lb. 30 in.) 6 month old. He sits a little awkwardly because he can't bend his knees since his thigh bones are on the small side for this stroller. This isn't a big problem for me. We bought this as a stroller he can grow into.

  • YodaMom - Scam Scam Scam Overpriced Scam

    I was grabbed by a woman, talked to like a child, wrangled with deals within deals and questioned about my ability to pay ?!?!? Wow, cheap sales tactics. First I was interested, sure I'm always looking for a better product. The sales women scrubbed my hand so hand trying to get some of the dirt off that she left my skin raw and showed me how dirty my hand was ? Really ? that is called skin Ms. She was bent offer scrubbing like she had a iron pot crusted with burnt food. I listened to her pitch or should I say punch, this was a sales push without any ingredient listings, or tested results, nothing. When I asked about he ingredients I was told that if money was a problem she could make me a deal of just this one bottle and she would throw in these small ample packets as a bonus. I asked about animal testing, I was redirected again to how dirty my skin was just look at my hand, I luckily walked out of there without a purchase and will never go back again or speak to these sales people. My hand the next day, it had three scabs and the skin felt just as supple as the other hand without the cleaning skin removal. This was worth almost $200 ?

  • Amazon Customer - Don't purchase on Amazon, go elsewhere.

    I'm not sure if I received 2 defective packs because there is NO adhesion whatsoever on them. I took off the liner on each strip & tested it with my fingers & it had no stickiness like tape should have. I got 2 replacement packs & they wont stick on the the wall at all. 4 defective packs, what a coincidence! I've purchased these locally many times & 1 strip could easy hold up an 8x10 picture frame. By the way, I have smooth, flat paint on my walls & never had problem with strips not adhering as they should before my Amazon purchase. I wouldn't recommend purchasing them here. They must be selling extremely old product.

  • Renee G. Mcgee - understanding

    This book makes it easy to understand the steps to CPT coding and ICD9CM coding. The exercises at the end of each section helps to reinforce the instructions of coding