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  • David G Humphries - awesome value

    Great jungle blade. Get one if you're looking for a chopping monster and don't mind a few minor flaws. The fit and finish is not perfect and the handle needs to be contoured but I'm looking forward to put a little work into this blade to make it perfect. My only complaint is there is no lanyard hole other than that I'm very happy with my purchase. Aloha!!

  • Joseph - Good and Bad

    loved it at first. used it once every 3 days on my sensitive skin for a couple weeks. after a couple weeks my skin started getting very red and raw. I've left it alone for a week and my skin is back to normal.

  • Steve Holtzman - Not what I was hoping for

    I've read many of the reviews. I just don't see it. This is the first book I've read by this author so I am not comparing it to his other series. This is a legal book. There are, maybe, a few chapters devoted to the courtroom. There is NO forensics. There is NO legwork to find the killer. There is NO twist of any kind. There is NO sleuthing. This is a story where the agent has to clear his conscience...unbidden. There is the killer's mom who decides to help out...when the story is told to her. Pratt tells a pretty good story, but it is a boring one. I might try one book in the Dillard series, but I am not expecting great things. You want a good legal story, read Steve Martini and William Bernhardt (their older books). I am looking for someone to take their place...as they are not writing many books. Scott Pratt is not that person

  • Joe P. - Don't Waste Your Money!

    2nd Update: I went from giving this one star to 3 stars and and finalizing my review at one star. Although the second Almond+ that I received appeared to work, after about a day it brought my Internet to a complete crawl. Websites would barely load or not load at all. Once I switched back to my original Almond 2012, everything started working fine again. I refuse to waste any more time trying to get this product working, and am returning it to Amazon once and for all.

  • Mamabean - It was a very good price and the color is adorable

    My daughter loves this pink flute. She is learning an instrument in band and wanted a flute so Amazon came to the rescue. It was a very good price and the color is adorable!