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  • Leah Kay - This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils

    Stretching and shrinking of the belly requires extra moisturization on the skin to soak in. I had a baby and currently am on my 45 lb weightloss journey postpartum. While being pregnant, I put on lotion multiple times a day. Postpartum has been a little more of a challenge because I needed to find a more natural product since I have been extended breastfeeding. This is a simple and low amount of ingredient formula that smells amazing because of essential oils. It moisturizes well with not tacky residue. It took about 2 minutes for the butter to soak into my skin. It takes very little of this product t o get enough moisturization for the entire stomach. The entire stomach requires me to use about a teaspoon of product. I have been using this product for about a week and haven't seen any lightening of my stretch marks, but I haven't seen any new stretch marks spring up from my weight loss.

  • Annette Martinez - Very handy

    From the first page the people at Kaplan guide you through the experience of the new GRE Test. Easy to read and understand, the book is a powerful and a great guide for what you will find in the test and gives you the tools to master it.

  • Amazon Customer - Fabulous Results!

    I have very sensitive skin and this product is wonderful. Previously I resorted to waxing to remove the fine hair on my face and it was so harsh. Read the directions - AGAIN, READ THE DIRECTIONS - and you should have good results. This product is for fine to medium hair. If that is not you, then get another product and don't complain. If you do not read the instructions and leave the cream on too long, do not complain. It is so much better than expected. Cannot praise enough!

  • Heather D - This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use ...

    This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use it. This is the wider tooth comb and works much better with thicker hair.

  • hydrophilic - A must-have for potty training

    It's very important to clean up your puppy's messes with an enzyme cleaner so that the smell of urine is completely eradicated. Using various soaps may erase the smell sufficiently for the human nose, the dog's nose knows, and once your dog has established a spot, s/he will likely go there again. Nature's Miracle is the best product I've found for cleaning scents thoroughly enough to prevent my dog from returning to the scene of his crime. I like the spray bottle because I have hardwood floors, and you don't want to just pour liquid on the floor.

  • Jordan - Best aftermarket Tail light.

    I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Delivery was very quick. The tail light itself is simple to install. Plug and play installation. Just be sure to set your settings before bolting it into place. LEDs are very visible during day and night. The licence plate light on the bottom is a huge plus. I can't think of any negative things about this product.

  • HA in Seattle - It's true. It's all true.

    I thought the other reviewers were just being funny, like this was the Three Wolf Moon Shirt of the candy world or something. No, they're being quite serious. I ate, I don't know, 7 of them? Maybe 9 or 10? Not a lot, certainly not a handful or anything like that. I'm going on 24 hours later and I'm still in my pajamas and working from home... I'll leave the rest of the details out. Fabulous as a laxative or a gag gift, i suppose, and they're very tasty. Otherwise... no.