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  • Chau Nguyen - I'm highly satisfied with my order

    It arrived quickly and swiftly and has all the materials I needed to succeed. I'm highly satisfied with my order

  • L. Anderson - Quid quo pro, a pinch in a pinch

    I've used these patches for many years, but never with this much bulk product and great price. They arrived quickly and I needed them badly (been doing some heavy lifting). The smell is mild compared to some salves, almost pleasant if your perception is also that they are getting to work on your muscle problems. I don't have much body hair, so I only experience a slight pinching sensation when removing them. I haven't experimented with their removal. I would highly recommend these patches barring someone to give you a therapeutic or soothing massage. Here's to your health!

  • Islandflea - First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers ...

    First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers. I have used PCmatic with SuperShield for years on home and business pc's with very few issues. Once in a while it will miss something but since I use multiple programs working in unison AND maintain a consistent backup habit, has been resolvable every time. Bear in mind that NO program is invincible standalone. Considering buying Evergreen. Thanks PCmatic!

  • horse14rider - Great Product

    Kaplan did a great job. Very informative. Practice problems all throughout, and explanations for the correct answers. So you do actually learn the concepts.